Size & Fit Guide


    Ilusión Sizing Chart


    Find your panty size

    How to Measure

    Step #1 - Get Ready

    • Use a flexible fabric or soft plastic tape measure.
    • Keep the tape measure snug but not too tight.
    Step #2 - Get Your Hip Measurement.
    • Measure the fullest part of your hips while making sure the tape remains parallel to the floor. Please consult the sizing chart to determine your underpants size.
    • If your measurements are in two different panty sizes, choose the larger of the two.

    The shapewear fit guide

    Our shapewear comes in many different styles designed to offer a variety of controlling and enhancing benefits. Whether you want a little light control to smooth those lumps and bumps, or firm control to slim and shape, we have the perfect solution!

    The Perfect Shapewear Checklist

    1.    The Waist: the waist of the shapewear should stay in place (at the waist) whether you're sitting, bending, or raising your arms.

    2.    The Legs: the leg opening should stay comfortably in place. If the leg binding cuts into your leg, consider buying a size larger or a shaper style with a longer leg length.

    3.    The Crotch: the crotch area should be positioned comfortably against your body. If you experience problems walking, it's sitting too low. Just adjust the sides of your shapewear until the crotch area is in the right position.

    4.    The Torso: the torso should look smooth all around. If there are bulges coming out over the top of the shapewear, try a high rise waist style. If there are visible wrinkles in the torso area, you may need a shorter length or smaller size.

    Finding the Right Control Level for You

    We have 3 levels of control: light, medium and firm. The light control smooth out the little lumps and bumps; the medium control shapes and controls targeted areas; the firm control provides the ultimate body shaping & minimizing benefits. You get to decide the level of support that's right for you.

    How to Put on Your Shapewear

    Putting on your shapewear correctly will help provide comfort all day. Similar to putting on pantyhose, gather up the sides as much as possible, step into the legs and pull up until you reach the area where you want the shaper to start. Slowly un-gather the shapewear as you pull it all the way up. This method should ensure your shapewear to be in the right place. If you experience binding or tightness as you move around, readjust the shaper as needed until comfort is achieved.